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We shall be pleased to receive your comments on aspects of Rabbi Jeffrey Cohen's writings, as well as any insights, criticisms, suggestions or expressions of apprieciation regarding any of his books or ideas.

Poetry is a subjective matter, and his rendering of the Siddur and the Machzor breaks new ground - it will not surprise us, or upset us, therefore, if his work enjoys a mixed reaction.

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"I've just been using Jeffrey Cohen's High Holiday Machzor in Poetry as a companion to my 'regular' Machzor over Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur and I believe that Rabbi Cohen has achieved a wonderful thing - he has opened my eyes and my mind to the meaning of the prayers that I have been saying in Hebrew for so many years, but without really understanding them. His beautiful verses are so easy to read and understand and bring a whole new depth of meaning to the prayers - excellent!"
Norman Jonas

"To be able to translate accurately the feeling behind the compositions, and to do so in verse, takes great Hebraic scholarship coupled with a mastery of the English language. This is what Rabbi Dr Jeffrey Cohen has produced in his excellent interpretations of the prayers in his two volumes, The Siddur and The High Holiday Machzor in Poetry."
Clive Boxer

"Rabbi Dr Jeffrey Cohen, a leading expert on Jewish prayer, has performed a wonderful service in translating the liturgy of the Siddur and the High Holy Days into lucid and graceful verse. This is a lovely work, allowing us fresh glimpses into the meaning of the prayers and new access to their power."
Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

"From even a quick glance it is obvious that you have produced a poetic translation that is at once accurate, simple and moving."
Professor Stefan Reif, Cambridge University

"They are tremendous and revolutionary … The poetry fulfils your aim of demystifying the prayers and the introductions also provide great focus. This is so important. How have we managed with so many people just attending 'parrot fashion' for so many years?! Your new books will be extremely important additions to US shuls, assisting all rabbis, and I'll be delighted to publicise them as best as I can."
Rabbi Michael Laitner, Education Co-ordinator of the United Synagogue